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Urdu Department


Our Asian Language department comprises of 3 educators namely Mrs Umme Faranaaz Bhugaloo and Miss Nargis Banu Jamboccus both responsible for the teaching of Urdu Language from Form I to Form V and  Miss Zainah Gurrib who teachers Islamic Studies to students of Form IV and Form V, as from this year itself.  Currently we have 97 students who are learning Urdu Language excluding LVI students (Intake scheduled after SC results) and 11 students studying Islamic Studies.

In the past, due to effective teaching and learning strategies a 100% pass results have been recorded and the same prevails now also.  In addition, guidelines are frequently set up to implement strategies for better learning.  In 2008, our student Mehreen Banu Mudhoo of UVI distinguished herself at National Level.

Every year our students participate in extra-curricular activities sketch & Drama Competition, Quiz Competition, Dictation and Essay-writing Competitions etc organised by the Urdu Speaking Union, Ministry of Education, Culture & Human Resources.

It is indeed mention worthy that our FV students namely Badoorally Aadilah, Caunhye Mubtahija & Peerbaccus Faatima distinguished themselves at National Level by winning the 1st prize in a Quiz Competition organised by the Urdu Speaking Union. We also recognise interclass activities with the aim to improve creativity among our students and to develop their thinking skills.

Our vision is to equip our students with necessary tools to become responsible & disciplined students promoting mutual respect, tolerance & other laudable human values crucial contributing factor for peace and harmony.

Our mission is to:

    (1) inculcate in our students a magnetic interest in the subject.

    (2) motivate our pupils to give their personal best in the subject.

    (3) to use the available resources thus catering for opportunities to our students to succeed with flying colours in their exams.

    (4) to set high expectations of what pupils could achieve.

To monitor students’ performance we deem it significant to follow certain pedagogical strategies which are extremely helpful to bring gradual improvement in the learning process among which figure the scheme of work, weekly plan and assessments are conducted at regular intervals to evaluate students.  Emphasis is also laid on reading culture and students are encouraged to read books in the language everyday.  Moreover appropriate remedial work is set for underperformers.

The proposed activities for year 2010 are as follows:

     Name of activity                              Objective

1   Book Club                                   To inculcate reading  culture.

2  Drama Club                                 To promote creativity and enable students to develop their language.

3  On the spot dictation               To develop oratory skills and help students develop their skills.

4 Essay-writing Competition       To improve writing skills.

5  Quiz Competition                      To develop thinking skills, obtain certificates and win prizes.

Urdu language is a valuable asset.  The syllabus taught at school contains very beautiful comprehension passages useful to make our students become responsible citizens and sympathetic human beings.  I would like to add that Islamic Studies is a subject that concerns everybody at every moment of life in order to guide one’s action.  Islamic Studies equate the balance between secular and religious education.  The former caters for material needs of man while the latter enables the human character and enlightens the inner soul of man.

So I welcome all my students to learn these subjects share their knowledge with one and all and prosper.